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Pierre - 16 years old - France - Paris

Love the coins. Highly detailed in the front/back and 3mm thick. Came with a plastic case and sealed in a small plastic bag. Was thinking of giving them out as gifts, but love them so much, decided to horde the 6 coins I purchased to be bequeathed to my heirs. Will purchase some more, as I am a true believer in Bitcoin and spending a few dollars a coin is a lot less expensive than the current price of Bitcoin.


James, crypto trader - 30 years old- England - Liverpool

Good product and you can flash it around like a high roller. Good heft and clank sound when it hits the table. If you're familiar with military challenge coins then you know how this one feels and sounds. High quality relief on the designs. Shiny finish that enhances the "value" to those you want to impress. With the up and down value of real Bitcoin, these might eventually be worth more than the real one, too


Justin, miner- 40years old - England - Oxford

These were actually nicer than what I expected- solid feel, all individually packed with a plastic case so I could give out as gifts. People really liked it, just wish it came with something that described the product that could go along with the gift.


Adalrich - 27years old - Berlin

Die gravierte BTC-Münze fühlt sich von höchster Qualität an und wird (wie alle anderen Münzen) mit einer kleinen Schutzhülle aus Hartplastik geliefert.
Es liegt ziemlich schwer in der Hand, was sicherlich ein Zeichen von Qualität ist. Die einzelnen Gravuren sind außergewöhnlich genau und fühlen sich sehr gut an. Sie sind Top-Münzen für diesen Preis.


Marie - 57 years old - USA - Los Angeles

I bought this as a birthday gift for my grown son who has been investing in bitcoin. He really liked it. He said he would use one of the coins as a marker chip at his next poker game.


John-43 years old-USA-Washington

Cyrpto is arguably the most revolutionary form of currency of our time. Investors and supporters realize the importance of this digital format moving forward in the world of crashing fiat currency. A true independent, self managed, unregulated currency for the 21st century and beyond. This giftable set of 6 shiny and nicely weighted coins individually encased a protective acrylic cover, they are a great addition to any collector at heart. This coin set will impress everyone who is a believer with its shiny gold luster and very detailed design and construction. Be a part of history and celebrate everyday with 6 of the most popular cryptos since their debuts. More impressive in person.


Felix - 22 years old, Cryptocoin fan, digital nomad

Excellent, high-quality precision design alt-coin souvenir. Good weight and nice design . views up close are even more beautiful than seen in the photos. I hope these designers continue making more of these alt-coin souvenirs.


Hector - 26 years old - USA - Corry -Pennsylvania

With so much going on in crypto-currency, at least I have a solid sample of what these virtual currencies look like. Great quality and good for gag gifts, I have so much money saved for retirement now, lol . .


Ruby R, web designer - 20 years old - Australia

The coins are beautiful and I wanted to congratulate directly with the Criptocoin team for the REFLECTX technology, as a 3d designer I really appreciate this suvenir. I'm overjoyed to have become a cryptocoin fan


Jonathan - 37 years old - USA -Chicago

These collector coins make for a fun display set for anyone into cryptocurrency or wanting to commemorate this moment in history. I got them for my 10-year-old grandson, who loves the idea of cryptocurrency but can't buy into it at this point.

This set is the perfect stocking-stuffer for him. Each coin came in its own clear round display case to protect it from clicking against the others or scratching. They are heavy and look great. He's going to love them!